Job Definition Editor
Import job definition.

Job name.
Job description.
URL to a more complete description of the job.
Type of job (calibration, reduction, analysis...)
Subtype of job (bias subtraction, fit...)
Version of the job
Person/organization responsible for this job.
Email of the contact person/organization.
List of parameters, with name, default value, type and description.
Specify if the parameter is required by checking the box.
A restricted list of options can be specified (comma-separated values).
Additional attributes can be defined (unit, ucd, utype, min, max).
List of input entities (e.g. files) with their name and content type.
The input is a File or an ID, possibly with a URL to resolve the ID and download the file (use $ID in the URL template). If no URL is specified, the script itself should be able to resolve the ID and get the file.
List of possible results with their name and content type.
Duration in seconds that will be allocated to the job.
Default quote in seconds corresponding to the expected duration of the job.
Job as a bash script. Parameters are available as bash variables, e.g. ${parameter_name}. Input entities and results also have a bash variable pointing to the file or containing the corresponding ID/value.